Alexis by Cassie Brace
  • Alexis by Cassie Brace


    Beautiful New Doll kit, Alexis, sculpted by Cassie Brace.
    OPEN Numbered Edition - Preorder 6th-10th December to be sure your kit will be delivered in the first run.
    This gorgeous new sleeping baby is the perfect CHUBBY snuggle bug! 
    She is wonderful 21-22" nches with full arms and legs.
    BLANK Kits includes Head, arms and legs and cloth body, plus  numbered certificate of Authenticity 
    Total price £78.99 plus postage
    * Please note there has been a small increase in price for Alexis, as a direct reflection of recent factory kit increases and covid shipping surcharges by DHL. I will keep these prices in reflection and adjust them according subject to changes.

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